Saturday, December 19, 2009

The little things

Tonight while we were out to dinner I got to thinking about how in the midst of all we are going through with Joshua it's the little things that keep me going. He was in the high chair looking down at the floor (something he does often, no idea why) and I called his name and he looked up at me beaming the biggest smile, the kind that melts your heart. I thought about how that is enough and how much I love him.

In less than two months time he has gone from not eating table food at all to eating anything and everything we put in front of him and I couldn't be happier about it! Tonight at dinner we ordered him his very first kid's meal off the menu and he ate most of it along with some of our food. He had most of a hot dog which Jamie performed surgery on to take the skin off so we didn't have to worry about him choking, green beans, carrots, steak fries, a roll, prime rib, and ribs. He has a wonderful appetite!

I am also very happy about his sleeping. He has always been a good sleeper but now that I am able to put him down in his crib to sleep for naps and bedtime it is even better. He talks for a little while and may cry but rarely. He is sleeping 12 hours at night, usually 7-7 and if he does wake up early in the morning he goes back to sleep on his own. He also is taking one short and one long nap per day, some days he even takes a short nap in the late afternoon. So he averages 15 hours of sleep per 24 hours, he loves to sleep!

Friday, December 18, 2009

PT Appt.

It wasn't great but while Joshua does have a delay she is very positive about it and is sure he will catch up. She loaned us a stander to put him in for 1 hour per day broken up into 2 or 3 increments. He is getting on his hands and knees by himself a lot more now so he will be crawling soon. The best news of all is that Jamie has volunteered to take Joshua from now on! It is heartbreaking for me to listen to him cry & scream throughout the session so if I can spare myself that heartache I am going to. So we aren't going to try find him another PT.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Physical therapy evaluation

Joshua had his physical therapy evaluation today and it was awful. The woman had no compassion or tact. She made me feel like an incompetent mother and that his delays were my fault. She said the jumper was the reason for him walking on his toes. I told her that his pediatrician wants him walking by 15 months so she said I should have brought him in sooner. She told me he has the gross motor skills of a 6 month old.

The worst part of the whole thing was her telling me I should let him scream and not allowing me to pick him up while he was screaming at the top of his lungs. She said I should sing the ABC song twice and then pick him up. No way could he hear me with the way he was screaming; his face was red and he was having trouble breathing not to mention it was an ear piercing scream. I almost started crying with him, I did cry all the way home and have not had a good day since then.

Can you imagine basically being told that you're not a good mother? That the job which is most important to you in the world you've messed up? I don't think that unless you have a child with a delay you can possibly understand. It is awful and heartbreaking. No amount of "It'll be okay" or "I'm sure he'll catch up" can fix it. What you do want is to work with compassionate people and to have some real and true friends who support you and don't make you feel worse.

If I didn't want what was best for him I wouldn't have started this process nor would I be continuing with it. Of course I do, I am his mother and I am a good mother! I love him more than anything in this world which is why this whole thing is so heartbreaking.

I work with him every single day but having been his mother for a year now I know that if he doesn't want to do something no amount of letting him cry or scream will change that. He is very strong willed and stubborn. He will do it when he wants to do it and not before. This is something that most people don't understand. His Early Interventionist, Sarah is very nice and sweet. We all like her very much. Even she though said something about him not wanting to do something that he's got to learn but you can't force him. That's part of the reason why this is so hard for me. I try and try and get nowhere.

I do not pick him up every time he cries but I do try to make him happy. If he is crying he is not going to do whatever I want him to do. Physical therapy or anything else won't work if he isn't going to cooperate, you can't force cooperation. If he's crying or screaming he isn't going to do what you want him to do.

The only problem is there is no one else who can take Joshua on right now. There are a few other PTs who will have openings in January. I am going to take him on Friday but I am going to tell her that I did not appreciate the way she treated me or Joshua and that she is going to have to work with me too, not just him. I will not allow him to scream for 2 minutes before I pick him up.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Joshua's 1st Birthday Party (2)

Joshua's 1st Birthday Party

Joshua's 1 year update

We went to see the pediatrician on the 24th. I can't remember his head circ but got the other stats.

Weight: 21lbs 8oz
Height 29inches

We have already started Early Intervention through Babynet and now we're using the Bright Start agency. He is mostly behind in Gross Motor & Communication but we will be working on Fine Motor as well. He will be getting a Physical Therapist and possibly a Speech Therapist down the road if things don't improve soon. He's still just babbling and it really hasn't increased in the last few months. He can stand but is very wobbly and can't do it himself. He can't sit himself up either. He will take a few steps with assistance but that's it. He has had one appointment with his Early Interventionist and she is looking for a Physical Therapist for him. It's been hard to schedule the appointments though because his schedule changes so often.

He has been putting himself to sleep more and more often which is good but can really change his schedule for the day so it's hard to know when he'll nap when that happens. He is wearing mostly 12 month clothes but he hasn't grown much in length so a lot of pants in that size are too big. He can still wear 9 month clothes too. He is also still in size 3 diapers which he's been in for over 6 months now. I know any day they'll be too small so I'm not buying them more than 1 box at a time. He now has 8 teeth and I'm sure he's working on more.

His eating has greatly improved especially over the past few days. He loves pancakes, grilled cheese and pizza and over Thanksgiving weekend he ate a few new things and now also loves chicken pot pie. He doesn't like pasta though, weird since Jamie & I love it and eat it so often. I guess until he starts eating it we'll be eating it less.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Very First Birthday Joshua!

I can't believe it, really and truly how is it possible that one year ago today I was lying in a hospital bed having contractions? In less than 4 hours it will have been 1 year and Joshua will be 1 year old! Happy Very First Birthday baby boy! What an amazing year, my first year as a Mommy! It just boggles my mind so much that I can't think about it or I will cry. Tomorrow when we give him a little cake and sing maybe it will hit me harder. It was the most amazing moment of my life and then I was terrified since they took him up to the NICU. I will never forget seeing him there, so tiny and helpless. The day he came home was wonderful, it was Thanksgiving and we had so much to be thankful for! I remember being afraid; I had this tiny little life that I was now in charge of, it was amazing and terrifying all at the same time. It was weeks before I felt comfortable being alone with him. Now it's no big deal. I love you more than I can express and look forward to all the future has to bring!

Joshua's First Year Slideshow

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday was the last of Joshua's firsts for his first year; his first Halloween! We took him Trick or Treating for the first time. We started out at the Village at Sandhill but it was so crowded that we left after a little while. I am glad we went though because almost everyone that saw him thought he was adorable in his costume. So we came home and went around our neighborhood. Joshua was great the entire time! He loves being in the stroller and must have enjoyed all the sights; like watching the kids running around. Here's our little rooster!!


We FINALLY have an eater on our hands! I know most people would say just wait until he's eating real foods well I was getting tired of waiting and I'm so glad he's finally eating! It seems like it's taken forever to happen and we've been trying things out on him for months but as with everything else it goes from not happening to happening overnight. This weekend he has had: pizza, pasta, cheese, pancake and peaches. Friday night we had chinese buffet and he had peaches and cheese. Saturday night we went to CiCi's and he had pizza and pasta. This morning we went to McD's for breakfast and he had pancake. He has eaten more this weekend than ever before. So today at the store I bought him pancakes, cheese and peaches. For lunch he had cheese, peaches, lil cheese crunchies and some freeze dried apples! What a big boy I have on my hands now! I couldn't possibly be any more proud!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

11 Months

I'm not even going to get into how unbelievable it is that he's 11 months. I'll save it for my update next month.

Today he ate 2 baby mums and a few puffs after breakfast. He's still not crazy about the puffs which is weird to me because he loves all things apple and they are apple cinnamon but he makes a weird face most of the time and spits them out. He is eating more in each sitting though. About 10oz of baby food per day. He's also eating chunkier varieties more easily. The biggest thing I think is that he now loves yogurt! He will polish off 4oz in a sitting no problem and he will even eat the cereal & fruit puree type which I bought by accident he loves. I love that it's so good for him and he's getting some whole milk through it. He still won't drink out of a sippy cup too well. I tried apple juice on him for the first time and he wasn't crazy about it. I tried giving him breastmilk in a sippy and he seemed confused. We'll keep trying as we do with everything else.

I really think he will skip crawling all together and go straight to walking. He did get up on all fours in the bathtub tonight but I'm not counting on that to lead to crawling. We are now putting a few inches of water in the tub and letting him bathe in there alone, he seems to like it. He still won't walk for me though.

He can still wear some 6-9 month clothes but I'm buying 12 month size for winter clothes. I love Once Upon A Child, it's where I got his Halloween costume for 1/3 of the price and it was brand new with tags still on it. He's going to be a chicken, it's so cute. I still like dressing him in one pieces because then I don't spend all day pulling his shirt down. It's hard to find them in 12 month size so I grab all the ones I can find. I'm very glad his growing has slowed down. He's still in size 3 diapers too.

The invites for his birthday party have been sent out and I've bought just about everything for it, except the food. Since it's a Pooh theme I'm planning to do Piglets in Blankets which are hotdogs in crescent rolls and veggies and dip from Rabbit's Garden. Then we'll have his 3-D Pooh cake and cupcakes since I have cupcake holders that came with the birthday party kit. So he'll have a cupcake instead of a smash cake but it'll make plenty of mess anyway. I just need to make an appointment for his 1 year photos, I'm thinking of going with Portrait Innovations.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I am still in shock about this! Did my baby boy actually take his very first steps? He won't do it for me though. I tried and tried and he just stands there and wobbles. He also won't pull himself up on his own, we have to give him our hands and even then he's very wobbly and falls down after a few minutes. I am getting him a Gobble & Go Hippo from someone off Craigslist to practice walking with. I still can't believe it!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Here's how our weekend went. Friday afternoon we went to Babies R Us, I bought diapers and a fleece pullover for Joshua to wear when the weather gets cold. We had take out chinese for dinner and Joshua went to bed at his usual 7:30.

Saturday morning he woke up at 6:30, went back to sleep after nursing and woke up at 8. The weather was nice & cool, in the high 60's and it was cloudy so it stayed cool even when the temperature rose. We decided it was the perfect morning to go back to the zoo since we have a membership until June we might as well use it. It was perfect! Joshua was even a delight, he didn't fuss one bit just enjoyed his ride in the stroller. He didn't care too much about the animals but that's ok, it was actually nice to be out with him for a change. As soon as we got home all of that changed, he was a bear for the rest of the day. A grumpy, cranky, crabby, fussy bear. I wanted to take him back to the zoo since he was so happy while we were there. We went out to CiCi's for dinner, our usual since he loves to chew on pizza crust which keeps him happy long enough for us to eat. He went to bed at 7:30 after a bath.

Sunday morning he was up at 6:30, went back to sleep after nursing and woke up for the day at 8. We went to a neighborhood yard sale where I bought him a jacket and a few items in 18 month size for about $5, all brand new still with tags. Then we went to Wal-Mart. The rest of the day was about like Saturday. We took him out the park since he loves to swing in the baby swing and it distracted him for a bit but not for long. He took a 2 hour nap at 4 so the rest of the evening wasn't pleasant once he woke up. He fell asleep at 8 but the minute I put him in his crib he woke up. Same thing happened at 9. He was finally in his crib for the night at 10. He'll sleep in right? WRONG! He was still up at 6:30 and we finally got him at 7 since it was clear he wasn't going back to sleep. He's asleep now thankfully and has been for almost an hour.

Something else not so pleasant happened on Friday. About a month ago, the same time his top two front teeth broke through, I got a bleeding crack on my right side from him biting instead of nursing. It took about 3 days of me pumping only on that side for it to heal. Well he must have done something this past week because it happened again. So since Friday afternoon I have been pumping on that side. Hopefully today is the last day of that.

I almost forgot something good that happened yesterday. Joshua polished off 2 containers of baby food for the first time! Normally he eats 1/2 of anything, even something he really likes but yesterday and again this morning he finished what was in the containers! Yesterday it was apples w/pomegranate juice and carrot apple mango. This morning it was pear blueberry oat. It does have to be something he likes though. He'll eat veggies as long as they're mixed with fruit and he does like apple chicken. He's still not eating stage 3 unless it's fruit and even then it has to be tiny pieces of fruit like what's in the Beech Nut homestyle line. I keep trying though, we have a couple of stage 3 meals to try this week.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 Months

I know it's getting old hearing how I can't believe he's another month older but I seriously can't! I mean where is my little newborn baby? Wasn't it just yesterday he was born? It makes me want to cry thinking he'll be a year old in 2 months. I try to think back to when he was itty bitty and I have trouble picturing him as a newborn in my arms, that really makes me sad.

I was beginning to think there would be no news for this month. No new things he could do so I wasn't even sure I'd do a 10 month post. Thankfully, a pleasant surprise happened today. Jamie & I were giving him a bath and since he's still wobbly and we don't have a bath seat or anything for him one of us still bathes with him in the tub. Jamie had Joshua's head on his (Jamie's) feet so he his (Joshua's) head was propped up and out of the water. Out of the blue Joshua sits up! What?!?! Then he did it again! Then, even more amazingly, he did it out of the water! He was lying on our bed, I held his hands and he pulled himself into a sitting position! I'm so proud!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update #2

Here's some stuff I forgot about when I did the update yesterday.

He is about the same when it comes to eating. He did however eat most of a wagon wheel the other day and he loves to chew on pizza crust and even swallow a little bit.

We bought his first Halloween costume! He is going to be a chicken! We got it at Once Upon A Child. It was brand new, still had the tags on it and was $23 at Old Navy. We got it for $8!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been a slacking blogger lately. Joshua has been teething which means fussy & cranky so I don't have much time to myself. Last week and this week my mom has been up here for a visit and it's been nice. Joshua still really only wants me but it's been nice to have the company and she loves him even if he's not too keen on her because he doesn't really know her. We are looking for a place for her so she might be moving closer. There's not much for her where she lives now and we both would like her to be closer so she can see Joshua grow up more. There is a great place we have found downtown that offers transportation and is less than a mile from the senior center. It would be a much smaller apartment as she'd have to take a studio to begin with but she would be put on a waiting list for a 1 bedroom and hopefully would get that within a year. We both think that it would be worth it. There really aren't any other places that would work.

We missed Joshua's last swimming lesson because he was taking a nap when we would have gone. I'm very glad he liked swimming so much though and can't wait to do it again with him next spring or summer. Unfortunately the MyGym classes didn't work out as well. He didn't enjoy them so we cancelled. Maybe when he's older we'll try again. Right now doesn't seem the ideal time for it.

I am having a hard time believing his first birthday is in less than 3 months. I try to think back to when he was a newborn and have a hard time imagining him so small. All I can see is how big he is right now. I thought about it all last night and got so sad, I wanted to cry. They're just not little long enough. I am working on a slideshow for his birthday and everytime I watch it I get sad. I am trying to savor and cherish the time I have with him now since I know that before I know it he'll be so much bigger.

Now for some good news. He is sitting up much, much better. I don't think there will be any need for the Babynet service. He can sit for much longer periods of time than he could just a few weeks ago. He's not interested in pulling up, standing or cruising but I'm not as worried about those. He's also not crawling but that's ok too.

This Saturday we have a wedding to go to and we're taking my mom back home. I will try to post Friday afternoon or evening after we see the place we are going to look at for her. I have been enjoying her being here more than I think most of the other times. It's so nice to have someone to empathize with. She understands that my days aren't easy and that Joshua isn't an easy baby. That's part of the reason I miss him being a newborn, he was an easy baby then because he slept so much and was easy to entertain. It's ok, I know one day I will miss this stage so I need to enjoy it before he's a toddler!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joshua's 9 Month Appt.

Here are his stats:

28in. long - 47th%
19lbs 8oz - 40th%
46cm. head circ - 76%

She said he is a little behind on the milestones, mostly sitting. He is at about the 7 month old level of sitting. She's not too concerned, just wants us to keep working with him. Mostly because I told her that I never crawled and was a late walker so he might just take after me. He does have the strength to sit and to stand/cruise and we should just work with him on it. If he is still behind at his 1 year visit then we may have the Babynet service come out to do an evaluation. She thinks the MyGym classes that he starts on Friday are a great idea and they should be able to help.

We can start giving him table food and stage 3. She was surprised when I told her that I bought a stage 3 sweet potato and wild salmon since the recommendation is to wait on fish until 1 year. I told her that he spits out everything we try to give him but she said it's just a new texture and that's ok, it will take him time to get used to it. We'll see what happens when he starts the stage 3. We'll also be starting him on meat now or at least trying.

She said to wait until 1yr to start whole milk and to just put it in a sippy cup, cold. It should be a totally different thing than breast milk. Also I think she wants to wean him from breastmilk to whole milk at that point. That's the first I've ever heard of that. She was surprised he's still nursing, according to her most breast fed babies self wean by this point. Ok, I've never heard that either. I'm not planning to wean him at 1 year, maybe at 2 but we'll see. For now it's his main source of nutrition, I don't know how different that will be at 1 year. I will try to get him to drink whole milk at 1 year but not as a substitute for breast milk.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Just thought I'd write a quick update.

I'm hoping the date will be November 27th, the day after Thanksgiving but I'm waiting to hear back from a few people to know if the date will work for them. The theme is Pooh's 1st Balloon Party, bought all the stuff at Party City today. This is going to be the cake.

Joshua's had the bottom front two teeth for a while, they just haven't come all the way up yet. Today we noticed the top two are trying to break through and they are giving him such a tough time. Today he was super fussy & cranky, I mean worse than he's been in a very long time. So bad that nursing didn't even help and it always does. My poor baby, I hate seeing him suffer.

He has been doing so well with his lessons! I just have to brag about today. Lately he has been kicking his legs all the time. I will be carrying him around and he's kicking. Today he was kicking up a storm in the pool, it was so cute! I kept asking him where he was going and when he would kick I would pretend like he was actually swimming and swim him around the pool. We got a video today of him "swimming" in the air, it was so funny! I held him in a swimming position and he would kick and move his arms. He's definately going to be an early swimmer, he loves being the water and he's already got the basics down.

He's still working on it but it's better. I got a video today of him sitting without supporting himself with his hands on the floor. "Look ma, no hands!" As long as he keeps making small improvements I'm happy.

My Gym
I have signed us up for classes that start at the end of this month. He will be in the Tiny Tykes class. Check out their website for more information. We're going to a location considered mobil but it's really just a satellite, not mobil. So because of that it's less expensive and we don't have to be members which also saves us some money. If I really like it then we can always become members later.

That's about all I can think of right now. It's been a very long day with a fussy, cranky teething baby who slept with us last night so I didn't get much sleep. Hopefully he stays in his crib all night tonight.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Party Themes

I was going to do Noah's Ark but one of themes is no longer available and upon researching the other theme I discovered it's really a baby shower theme. I could get some of the stuff in that theme or another Noah's Ark theme but very little would be useable since most of it is made for a baby shower. I just have a thing about having everything match and I wouldn't be able to get decorations that would match. There are a lot of other themes I like but I don't really want to buy online since it will cost more. So we went to our local Party City and found two themes I like. Please tell me your favorite!

Pooh's 1st Birthday Fun

Wonderful One Birthday Boy

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Today was Joshua's first swimming lesson and he did very well. We got there late but jumped right in and started trying to get him to kick, he didn't but that's ok. Then we got a toy to try to get the to reach for and he did that, put something in front of him in the water or not and he will reach for it. This encourages them to put their arms out in front of them like they will do when they start swimming. Then we got in a circle and did three songs, the wheels on the bus, the hokey pokey and ring around the rosey. We did lots of movement, lifting him in and out of the water, moving him from side to side, front to back and splashing. Normally they wait until the second class but since all the babies were doing so well we actually had our first dunk. We did 4 choruses of ring around the rosey and each time dunked them a little more. In the first it was to their shoulders, then to their chin, then to their nose and then a full dunk. He did pretty well even though he was suprised he didn't cry, just complained a little bit but then he was fine. He didn't cry until we took him out of the water, he just loves the water.

There are about 12 parents & babies in the class. I'd say Joshua is the youngest or one baby girl might be younger than him but the oldest is no more than 2. So he'll do this class next summer too and then should be able to move to the toddler class. The younger babies were actually more content in the water than the toddlers. Jamie came and took pictures and video, I'll add the video later.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

8 Months!

I have started working on a slideshow for Joshua's birthday and every time I see his newborn pictures I want to cry. Just 8 months ago he was this tiny little 7 pound baby in the NICU hooked up to wires and looking so helpless. Now he's not so helpless and has a very healthy set of lungs. I want to turn back time or at the very least pause it. Sometimes I just watch him sleep, my sweet innocent angel and I wonder how did he get so big so fast. Ok, enough of that. Here are some updates.

He is doing much better with baby food. He eats about 1 jar or container a day spilt into two feedings. In the morning he gets half a container and in the afternoon another half. Usually of two different things. I'm still trying out new things on him, new combinations. The new things he's had: mango, blueberry, cherry, orange & strawberry. Soon he's going to be trying: apricot, blackberry, plum & grape. He will now eat apple & sweet potato as well as pear & squash but try to get him to eat any veggie without a fruit mixed in it, forget it.

He's doing better but still not all the way there yet. He can sit with his hands on the floor or on his legs to support him and for a few seconds he can sit without that support. Hopefully it won't be much longer before he can do it without support.

He's not interested in crawling or standing. He still doesn't really like to be on his stomach so I'm not sure he will crawl, he may just skip it as I did. He will stand for a few seconds but that's about it.

His naps are still catnaps although lately there have been a few long naps too. It seems that if he can manage to roll over while he's asleep he will nap longer, sometimes anyway. Nights are really all over the place. Some nights he'll sleep 12 hours without waking and others he'll sleep 9 with a lot of waking. Never really know what the night will bring but I am grateful for all the sleep I get.

He has finally started jumping in his jumperoo. He loves to kick so I knew it was only a matter of time before he was jumping. I'm not sure he knows what he's doing but all of a sudden he will go crazy and start bouncing up and down, it's so cute & funny!

This Saturday he starts swimming lessons. For the next 6 Saturday mornings we'll be at the YMCA for 30 minute lessons. He loves the water, we've been in the pool a lot so I'm hoping that works to our advantage.

That's about all I can think of right now. Joshua is stirring so I will probably have to go attend to him then it's bedtime for me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Party Update

One of the Noah's Ark themes isn't available anymore so it looks like I have to pick this one. I am thinking about ordering it soon just in case it too becomes unavailable. I am also looking at other things I want to order so here's where you get to chime in with your opinion. Pick one of these high chair cover sets. It comes with the banner, floor mat & a plastic bib. Unfortunately none of them exactly match the theme, they don't have one that does. The t-shirts are $15 and I can't see spending that much for one when I can get one from Wal-Mart a lot cheaper. Same goes for the hats which he probably won't wear very long anyway.


Monday, July 13, 2009


I am now researching invitations for Joshua's birthday party. Opinions, please!

Animals 1
Animals 2

Monday, July 6, 2009


This was a pretty big weekend for Joshua. We didn't do anything special to celebrate the 4th but it still turned out to be a great weekend. So far he hasn't been doing that well with solid food. Well on Friday he tried apple & blueberry for the first time and seemed to like it pretty well. Saturday he seemed to like it even more so I thought I would try to give him what was left in the container on Sunday since if he didn't eat it I would have to toss it anyway. There was more than half the container so at least 2oz and HE ATE IT ALL! I am so happy and proud!! Not only did he eat it, he gobbled it up and made very little mess. For the first time, it was a pleasure feeding him!

I have been working with him for the past couple of months on sitting up. Well today he sat up unassisted for a minute! He is definately grasping the concept! Lately he hadn't been sleeping through the night all that well but last night he slept 12 hours once again! I guess all that work learning to sit up and eat solid food is tiring. Hopefully, now that he has started mastering these new skills, he will go back to his regular sleeping pattern.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Party Planning

I know I already posted this but I think I fixed it so you can post comments now. So now you can actually tell me which one you like best.

Noah's Ark

Whimsical Ark

Monday, June 29, 2009

Beach Weekend

Someone said that I'm going to turn Joshua into a beach bum, that would be fine with me! I'd love for him to love the beach and the ocean. Nothing says summer to me like the beach. Actually he's only been on the beach a total of 3 times and none of them was longer than 30 minutes.

Friday we spent with my mom and Joshua was so good! We went to see his honorary great grandmother Bernice who is in her 90's. I have to get a picture of him with her, he really likes her and her puppy Mikey a Shih Tzu. We spent the rest of the time just hanging out, we would have gone swimming except that I left my swimsuit at home! I remembered when we got about 30 minutes away from the house that I hadn't taken it off the hanger and put it in the suitcase. It was too late. So on Saturday I had to buy one, full price. Oh well, now I will wear the heck out of it. We went to dinner at a local pizza place near my mom and Joshua was charming the waitresses. Everyone LOVES his sunglasses! All weekend long I kept getting comments about my cool dude.

Saturday we met some friends and their kids, we had lunch at Margaritaville at Broadway at the Beach. If you've never been to one you should go, they are all over the southeast. There's also a Cheeseburger in Paradise in North Myrtle Beach, it's a little more toned down if you don't like a big restaurant. We may check that one out next time. I just wished Joshua liked going out to eat more, I guess I have to catch him at the right time. Friday night he slept through most of dinner but Saturday only part of lunch and at dinner he was so tired because we wore him out that day. One day a couple of weeks ago we went out to dinner and he slept through some if it and when he woke up he was in a great mood. He started laughing and laughed back and forth with me, something he'd never done before!

Saturday afternoon our friends and their kids came over to our resort and went swimming with us at the pool. We all had a great time. I think Joshua has fallen in love, with an older woman. A 4 year old girl with blonde hair. He couldn't stop staring at her and smiling. It was so cute! I wish I'd gotten pictures but some were taken just not with my camera. I didn't get any when we went out on the beach after they left either, unfortunately. From now on the camera is staying in the beach/pool bag.

We took Joshua out to the beach and we all got in the water. We went out past the breakers, the water was pretty calm so we didn't have to go far. Just where the waves start to form but before they get big and crash. I put him on the canvas float we had and he was having a good time until the waves started crashing where we were. He got water in his face and was not happy, he hates that. Hopefully he'll get over it soon since I think he'll be going under water at swimming lessons. So after two waves breaking and him getting splashed in the face we decided to go back. I had the raft out in front of me when a wave broke and took me straight into shore! It was so much fun! We weren't far out but we were far enough out that I rode that wave a good way!

He was so tired that night from the swimming and the ocean that he fell asleep in his clothes and slept 8 hours that way before waking up and needing to be changed. The next day he slept the whole way from the beach to Jamie's mom's and then fell asleep on my lap, something he never does unless he falls asleep nursing. Then he slept all the way home and again fell asleep in without being nursed. Guess we wore him out.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Party Planning

Yes, I've started seriously planning Joshua's 1st birthday party. I am not thinking about the fact that he's growing up but that party planning is fun! I really think I want to do Noah's Ark as the theme. His naming certificate has a beautiful drawing of Noah's Ark on it so I think that's a good tie-in to it. Also this may be the only time I get to pick the theme as next year he may have things he actually likes. One of Jamie's high school classmates makes beautiful cakes so I have already talked to her about doing Joshua's cake and she has penciled in the day after Thanksgiving for the party. It will either be that day or the day after that and will probably be at my mother-in-law's house. Which is good since the woman doing the cake lives nearby.

Here are the two Noah's Ark party supply themes I'm looking at. Please tell me which one you like best. I don't know how to make comments work so just e-mail me or tell me on Facebook.

Noah's Ark - This one actually says Happy 1st Birthday where the other one doesn't.

Whimsical Ark - I think this one is cuter, less cartoony.

Here are some cake photos. Which one do you like?


Cake 2

Cake 3

Cake 4

7 Months!!

OMG, where has the time gone? Seriously, my baby is 7 months old today! Holy cow! Here's an update.

Eating - He's doing better with solid foods. Yesterday morning he eagerly ate about a teaspoon maybe 2 of bananas. Later that afternoon when I tried to give him sweet potato it was a no go. Even when he opened his mouth and I managed to get some in, it came back out. Today he wasn't that interested in the bananas but once I got some in his mouth he ate them. He was more interested in the cat walking around and even the walls than eating. I think the cat was hoping she'd get some food out of it but I don't think she'd like pureed banana. I did buy him puffs and he's had a few, not sure what to think of them but I think they're pretty good. I gave one to the cat, she looked at it like 'What's this?' It's not seafood, chicken or turkey so she didn't know what to do with it.

So far he has had: sweet potato, butternut squash, peas, pears, peaches, apples, bananas, rice cereal & oatmeal. The only ones left to try are green beans & carrots. I already bought some combo 2nd foods so he'll be trying apples & cherries, apples & blueberries and mango. Once I know for sure he's not allergic to banana I'll be able to get more combos of stuff he's already had like pears, apples & banana and stuff he hasn't had like apple strawberry banana, apricots with mixed fruit, banana mixed berry and banana orange medley. He'll also be trying: garden veggie (has spinach), mixed veggie (has potato), sweet potato & corn, oatmeal with pears & cinnamon, apple vanilla mixed grain, banana peach granola and papaya. We are waiting until 9 months to start meats so he won't be having any dinners until then and that's after he has his 9 month check-up. Maybe mac & cheese but we'll see how all the others go.

Sitting - Well he's not doing it yet. Not unassisted anyway. I'm practicing with him everyday though so he'll get it soon. He is pretty good at sitting hunched over holding his ankles or with his hands on the floor to support him but he'll only stay like that a few minutes before getting fussy.

Thankfully he's still sleeping through the night (knock on wood) except for a few nights this past week but most nights he sleeps 12 hours with maybe one wake up for his paci. He doesn't nap much though, he has become a cat napper. He takes 3-5 30 minute cat naps a day which make it kind of hard to get anything done. Other than that he's growing like a weed. Now wearing all 6-9 month or 9 month clothes and in size 3 diapers, so far I like the Pampers Cruisers.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day In My Life

So my life lately has been pretty hectic. Joshua is teething and it's driving both of us nuts. He is super clingly and fussy. Here's what my day was like today which is pretty typical of what days have been like recently. He woke up at 7 and I fed & changed him. He was back asleep by 8 and slept 'till 9. He then pretty much ate every 2 hours and afterwards fell asleep for 30 minutes. It wouldn't matter if he slept on my lap or somewhere else, after 30 minutes he wakes up. For one of his afternoon feeds I fed him in my bedroom and after he was asleep I laid him down on the bed next to me and after 30 minutes he woke up.

When he's not asleep or eating he wants to be in my lap. I can get away with putting him down either on the floor on his play mat, in his chair, swing or jumperoo for a few minutes. On the floor he will play for a while and then roll over. He then gets upset that he rolled over and starts to fuss. Sometimes he will roll himself back over (usually only to roll again) but most of the time he just lays on his tummy fussing until I roll him back over and if I don't he starts to cry. The swing or his chair will last for about 20 minutes until he gets bored. The jumperoo is usually shorter because he can't reach some of the toys without turning and doesn't know how to turn or jump although he loves it when I jump it for him.

At times he wants to eat in between too or snack but then he's fussy and I don't really know what else to do to make him happy. It's too hot outside to take him for a walk like I might have done earlier in the year and nothing else works. Half the time he pops on and off while fussing. I know his teeth are driving him crazy and I do give him teething tablets or tylenol if I think he needs it.

So I don't get much done. By the time Jamie comes home I am drained. Today he didn't get home until 6 and I had no patience left. I think another part of Joshua's problem is he hasn't mastered sitting up yet, I've heard that once he can sit up he'll be happier, who knows. I am still working with him on it but even when he does sit up supporting himself with his hands on the floor it's only for a few seconds. Hopefully he'll get it soon.

He's also not crazy about solid food. Today he wanted very little to do with it. I tried to feed him peaches this morning but he wasn't interested. This afernoon I tried bananas for the first time and he wasn't having them either. I'm trying not to worry about it since I know he doesn't really need it. Maybe once he can have finger foods he'll do better with it. So that's been my life lately. I hope those teeth come in soon, I can only see the very tips of them but they're there.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Vacation

We got back Saturday after deciding to spend Friday night at the house Jamie's family was staying at. We got to our resort Sunday afternoon and stayed on the 5th floor with a beautiful view of the beach and a street view too. Joshua LOVES the water! Both the pool & the ocean although he didn't get too wet in the ocean. We got him a cute turtle float w/a sunshade and he was so relaxed in the pool he almost fell asleep!

Unfortunately he's still not a fan of eating out. We did put him a high chair and he leaned over to one side since he's still not sitting up on his own but even there he wasn't too thrilled with it and after about a half hour he gets mad. He did like being outside on the pier and there's a restaurant at the one near where we stayed and he was very happy there. There was a great ocean breeze so it was very comfortable.

Oh and I scored big time at the outlets. Carters outlet is the best! They were having a great sale and I saved 20% on top of it so I got some onesies for $2 and outfits for $5! There were other outlets but I did the best there. The only place I could find sleepers beyond 9 months was Children's Place and I got 3 for $20! Next time I can skip all the other stores and just go to those two.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joshua's 6 Month Update

Today was the dreaded appointment but he actually did very well after the shots. Before them it was like he knew they were coming because he started crying but we got him calmed down right before. He cried afterwards but as soon as he was in the car he was asleep. Slept while we went to Wendy's to get food and then until we picked him up out of the car seat. The only drawback of the new, bigger car seat is we can't take him into the house in it like his newborn seat. So if he's asleep it usually wakes him up to take him out, oh well.
So here are his stats:
16lbs 4oz - 29th% down from the 50% at 4 months. (I totally thought he was 17lbs, he sure feels heavy!)
26.25in - 55th% up from the 25th%
44.5cm head - 73rd% down from the 90th%
She thinks (as we do) that he had a reaction to the rice cereal so she wants us to lay off of it for a while. He just may not have been ready for it. We tried oatmeal on Saturday (his half birthday) and he has been doing pretty well with it. Today we tried sweet potato. She just said to go slow. Go through all the stage 1 before we go to stage 2 and no meat before 9 months. We will probably get through all the new, stage 1 foods in about a month to a month and a half so definately by 8 months we'll be on to stage 2.

She wants us to start giving him a sippy cup to hopefully wean him off the bottle by 1yr. Also wants him weaned off his paci by then but I think that will be tougher. I'm not going to worry about the paci issue right now though, I think we have enough to deal with. I told her that if it's not the paci then it's me and she said he may self wean but he may not so at least she understands that it's me or the paci and it can't always be me.

We talked to her about him sitting up as he's not doing it quite yet. She said that at this age it's ok. She got him to sit up for just a second which is what he should be doing. By 7-8 months he should be able to sit up which is when we'll be doing stage 2 foods.

On Saturday we had a little half birthday celebration for him. We got a cake (for us) and put him in a birthday boy onesie with a little happy birthday hat and took some pics.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Joshua's is 6 Months Old!

Today my baby is 6 months old! It's so very hard to believe. I have no idea where these 6 months have gone but I'd like them back. We had his portraits done yesterday at J.C. Penney and I am so pleased with the entire experience and how well the photos came out. We haven't gotten them back yet but I know they will look great, these came off their website.
His appointment isn't until Wednesday so you will have to wait until then to hear how big he is. I am thinking about trying oatmeal and/or bananas before we go. I know it's only a few more days but it will be easier to try on a weekend. Pretty sure we're not going back to rice cereal as I'm fairly certain that was the reason for his behavior issue, well that and teething. He has been much better lately so I'm fairly sure he doesn't have a cow's milk problem.
Today we are going to do a little mini party for him. We got him a toy, a birthday boy onesie and birthday hats. I'm also going to get a small cake. We'll do a bigger party next week when we're on vacation which he'll share with his dad and his aunt who have birthdays in June. Then we'll have a cake with all their names on it and a few more people to celebrate with. I am so excited about going on vacation! It will be Joshua's first time in the water which hopefully will prepare him for his swim lessons in July.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Joshua's new car seat!

It arrived yesterday. It's the Britax Marathon and will last him until he's 65 pounds or 49 inches, which ever comes first. It actually makes him look little. Lately everything makes him look big, like his swing, chair & newborn car seat all make him look big. It was on sale which is why we bought it now, he can still comfortably sit in his original car seat but I couldn't pass up the great deal I got. It's MSRP is about $100 more than what I paid. They were running a sale and most seats were at least $40 off. I ordered it from and got free shipping! It's a bit big but it does fit in our small car which I was very relieved about. We did measure but I wanted to make sure it would fit.
These next few weeks are going to be very busy for us. Next Friday we are taking him to get his 6 month portraits taken. The following week I have my gyn annual appt and he has his 6 month appt. The following Sunday we are going on vacation for 6 days!! Joshua will see the beach and get in the pool for the first time. Oh and in July he will be taking swim lessons at the YMCA!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Joshua Laughing!

We've got laughter!

My First Mother's Day!

Saturday we spent with my mom and Sunday we spent with Jamie's family. It was an enjoyable first Mother's Day that I'll always remember.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Last week Joshua was really fussy and Thursday was awful. He was screaming and crying for most of the day and it was very hard to calm him down. So we called our pediatrician's office. They wanted to rule out an ear infection but thought his symptoms very well could be teething. We brought him in and saw a resident from the hospital where Joshua was born who only comes into the office on Thursdays (our doctor wasn't in). He actually saw Joshua when he was in the NICU. Anyway, he asked us a bunch of questions and thought we should change his reflux medicine because it might not be working as effectively as before. He also wanted to check for a milk allergy (cow's milk, not momma's milk). We're pretty sure he was grasping for straws here as he doesn't know Joshua and didn't really know what to think.

Unfortunately the new reflux medicine (Prevacid) doesn't come in liquid (or so we're told). So we got dissoluble tablets. Ever tried giving one to a baby? Not easy. Even though they are strawberry flavored, Joshua wanted nothing to do with them. We tried letting them dissolve in his mouth and most of it came out. We tried a medicine syringe but most of it got stuck in the syringe. This is why we decided to give him rice cereal so we could mix the medicine in with it. He still didn't get very much. So he's either going back on the old medicine or he's not getting any until his 6 month appointment in 3 weeks.

Jamie brought in a diaper on Monday for them to test. There was a microscopic amount of blood in it. They said I should eliminate all dairy to see if that fixes the problem. Well, he hasn't been that fussy since Thursday. In fact, Monday he was a perfect angel and he's been pretty good yesterday & today too. Besides that we are pretty sure he's teething. He has all the classic signs: chewing & biting on his fingers, drooling like crazy and one spot on his gum is red. Also teething can make babies very fussy. So the only way we would know if the diary elimination had worked would be to have them test another diaper.

Jamie finally spoke to them today after playing phone tag Monday & Tuesday. I think he spoke with a nurse who said she didn't think the doctor knew we had just started him on rice cereal. I read that can cause trace amounts of blood as any new food can plus it is known to cause constipation which can definitely cause the blood. She agreed. She said to stop the rice cereal and also not give him any new foods until after his 6 month appointment in 3 weeks. We are to bring in another dirty diaper then for them to test. The best part of all is that she said I would not have to eliminate all dairy even if he has an allergy! So I don't have to totally give up chocolate! YAY!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Joshua eats rice cereal for the first time!!

Joshua eats rice cereal for the VERY FIRST TIME!!

He was switched from liquid Zantac to disolvable Prevacid tablets. We tried to put them in his mouth and use a medicine spoon to give them to him but it didn't work very well. So we figured we might as well start him on rice cereal so we can mix his medicine in with it. He sure had fun!


I've been told that you can't post comments on my blog. I tried and when I clicked on the link nothing happened. Help!! Please send me an e-mail at if you can help.

Oh and so far we have:

Noah's Ark - 2 votes

Sesame Babies - 2 vote

Boy's Lil' Cupcake - 1 vote

I really like the Noah's Ark but it doesn't say Happy 1st Birthday. So I could potentially use that for his 2nd birthday. I think that since he only has 1 first birthday all the stuff should at least have a 1 on it, ya know? So maybe I should elimate Noah's Ark & Jungle Babies. That would put Sesame Babies in the lead.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Planning A Party + A Poll!

A friend of ours baby is having his 1st birthday party next week which got me to thinking about Joshua's party. I know I have over 6 months to plan it but I'm a planner so I'm gonna have it done way in advance. Here are the themes I am trying to choose from. Please leave me a comment and tell me your favorite! Right now my favorite is Noah's Ark but that can change at the drop of a hat.

Baby Einstein

Pooh's First Birthday

1st Cupcake

Jungle Buddies

Noah's Ark

Sesame Babies

Lil' Prince

Boy's Lil' Cupcake

Just Ducky

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Joshua hasn't had a very good week. He has been extra fussy. Today was so far the worst of all. Thankfully Jamie was home most of the day so he could help. We decided to call our pediatrician's office and they told us to come in just to make sure it wasn't an ear infection or something else we should be worried about, it's not. Our pediatrician wasn't in so we saw someone else. We actually saw a resident from the hospital where Joshua was born who saw him while he was in the NICU. Jamie thought Joshua had a sore throat and the dr did too. He changed his medication from Zantac to Prevacid. He wants to check a dirty diaper in case it's something I'm eating but I haven't changed my diet so that doesn't make much sense to me. He thought maybe it's a cow's milk allergy. Oh and we found out he weighs 15lbs 12oz so he has officially doubled his birth weight! I'm hoping the Prevacid does the trick and he gets back to himself.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making Baby Food

Frozen Carrots

Frozen Plums & Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes

So I have been inspired by the gals from my bulletin board to try my hand at making baby food. So far I have made plums, sweet potatoes & carrots. I have 8 servings each of plums & sweet potatoes and 16 of carrots. I made the carrots this past weekend and just for fun gave Joshua a taste. He wasn't interested. What little managed to get in his mouth he spit out or I should say it came out because he didn't really spit it out. He still has the tongue thrust reflex which keeps newborns from choking. His tongue pushes out anything that isn't liquid. He also wouldn't open his mouth for more even when I made the spoon an airplane. Oh well, I guess he's not ready yet.