Monday, September 20, 2010


I swear this is the last time I'm going to do this until the day that I actually tell the people off who deserve it for how they've treated me over the years. One particular person knows who they are and was wrong, period. If I was wrong then they were just as wrong and I'm not going to get over it. They didn't get over what I did, they all blew it way out of proportion instead like usual. They have no idea what our life is like, they don't care. They choose not to support us but to make things more difficult for me, I don't need them doing that. I want so badly to rid my life of them but I am still so angry over what they did. They don't respect me, they think they can say and do whatever they want and get away with it and it's WRONG! I do not like injustice or double standards and both have occurred in this situation. No matter how much you have worked with a child with special needs when it is your own child it's different, it just is, deal with it! I don't expect people to understand but be understanding and cut me a little freakin' slack, ok? Maybe I'm not the person you wanted in your life but I am here, I am Joshua's mom and I'm not going anywhere! Deal with it! I tried for so many years to do the right thing and no matter what I did it wasn't enough. I know in my heart that I did all I could do but I was not going to just sit by and let injustice happen. They can go about their lives and forget me but I will not forgive or forget what they have done unless they admit they were wrong and apologize. If you don't have a husband who owns his business AND have a child with special needs then you don't know my life! When you plan to have a child who is perfect in every way and it doesn't go as planned it hurts, I deal with enough that I don't need anything else!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wish Lists

I have created two wish lists for Joshua's Birthday/Christmas/Hanukkah. One is at Toys R Us and the other is at Amazon. Most of the items on his Toys R Us list are available in stores, you can even check on most items (on the website) if they have it at your local store. Amazon offers free super saver shipping when you spend $25 or more, it can take a few extra days to get where it's going though so you have to order ahead of time.

I know some people think it's tacky or whatever but in our case I think it's understandable since you may not know what to get him. Some typical 2 year old toys wouldn't be appropriate for him and we would either have to stash them away until he's older or return them. I have created wish lists with items that I know would be good for him now. You can use it as a guide or you can purchase something directly off it, if you do and you're in a store be sure to let them (or me) know so it can be taken off the wish list and someone else doesn't buy it.

Here is his Toys R Us Wish List
Joshua's Toys"R"Us Wish List

Here is his Amazon Wish List
Joshua's Amazon Wish List