Thursday, July 29, 2010

20 Months

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. We have been busy and I haven't really had anything I felt like posting. Last Monday was our Greenwood Genetics appointment. Nothing new to report yet, they will be doing some blood work. We got back the blood work we had done earlier this month and nothing significant to report except that they tested him for allergies and it appeared he had some food allergies but we took him to an allergist who said not to worry about it. He never has any reactions to food and at this point we are dealing with so many other things that I couldn't imagine adding that to it. The allergist did say he had enlarged adenoids which a scan confirmed so we are going on Friday to an ENT to see if they need to be removed. The research I've done says yes since snores and snorts during the during the day and has trouble breathing through his nose. It's a very simple procedure and will make him feel better and breathe better.

Yesterday we went to Hartsville to see the OT who is a sensory specialist. She confirmed what we all suspected which is that he has sensory issues, specifically proprioceptive, tactile and vestibular. His body is not receiving the signals his brain is sending out or something like that, I'm really not sure. I've done some reading on Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Integration Disorder and really am still trying to figure it out myself. For now we are going to be making the trip to Hartsville once a week so she can work with him and we are going to try to do some of the stuff at home although I'm not sure how much of it I remember I will keep trying as always.

I feel like time is passing us by, Joshua is getting older but in most ways he's still a baby just toddler sized now. I want to do everything I can to help him and will do whatever it takes. For now he will not be seeing the pediatric neurologist since they claim they won't take any new patients who aren't having seizures or other obvious neurological dysfunction. We are still going to be seeing the developmental pediatrician here but no word on when. I am feeling a little better knowing we are hopefully now on the right path.