Monday, September 28, 2009


Here's how our weekend went. Friday afternoon we went to Babies R Us, I bought diapers and a fleece pullover for Joshua to wear when the weather gets cold. We had take out chinese for dinner and Joshua went to bed at his usual 7:30.

Saturday morning he woke up at 6:30, went back to sleep after nursing and woke up at 8. The weather was nice & cool, in the high 60's and it was cloudy so it stayed cool even when the temperature rose. We decided it was the perfect morning to go back to the zoo since we have a membership until June we might as well use it. It was perfect! Joshua was even a delight, he didn't fuss one bit just enjoyed his ride in the stroller. He didn't care too much about the animals but that's ok, it was actually nice to be out with him for a change. As soon as we got home all of that changed, he was a bear for the rest of the day. A grumpy, cranky, crabby, fussy bear. I wanted to take him back to the zoo since he was so happy while we were there. We went out to CiCi's for dinner, our usual since he loves to chew on pizza crust which keeps him happy long enough for us to eat. He went to bed at 7:30 after a bath.

Sunday morning he was up at 6:30, went back to sleep after nursing and woke up for the day at 8. We went to a neighborhood yard sale where I bought him a jacket and a few items in 18 month size for about $5, all brand new still with tags. Then we went to Wal-Mart. The rest of the day was about like Saturday. We took him out the park since he loves to swing in the baby swing and it distracted him for a bit but not for long. He took a 2 hour nap at 4 so the rest of the evening wasn't pleasant once he woke up. He fell asleep at 8 but the minute I put him in his crib he woke up. Same thing happened at 9. He was finally in his crib for the night at 10. He'll sleep in right? WRONG! He was still up at 6:30 and we finally got him at 7 since it was clear he wasn't going back to sleep. He's asleep now thankfully and has been for almost an hour.

Something else not so pleasant happened on Friday. About a month ago, the same time his top two front teeth broke through, I got a bleeding crack on my right side from him biting instead of nursing. It took about 3 days of me pumping only on that side for it to heal. Well he must have done something this past week because it happened again. So since Friday afternoon I have been pumping on that side. Hopefully today is the last day of that.

I almost forgot something good that happened yesterday. Joshua polished off 2 containers of baby food for the first time! Normally he eats 1/2 of anything, even something he really likes but yesterday and again this morning he finished what was in the containers! Yesterday it was apples w/pomegranate juice and carrot apple mango. This morning it was pear blueberry oat. It does have to be something he likes though. He'll eat veggies as long as they're mixed with fruit and he does like apple chicken. He's still not eating stage 3 unless it's fruit and even then it has to be tiny pieces of fruit like what's in the Beech Nut homestyle line. I keep trying though, we have a couple of stage 3 meals to try this week.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 Months

I know it's getting old hearing how I can't believe he's another month older but I seriously can't! I mean where is my little newborn baby? Wasn't it just yesterday he was born? It makes me want to cry thinking he'll be a year old in 2 months. I try to think back to when he was itty bitty and I have trouble picturing him as a newborn in my arms, that really makes me sad.

I was beginning to think there would be no news for this month. No new things he could do so I wasn't even sure I'd do a 10 month post. Thankfully, a pleasant surprise happened today. Jamie & I were giving him a bath and since he's still wobbly and we don't have a bath seat or anything for him one of us still bathes with him in the tub. Jamie had Joshua's head on his (Jamie's) feet so he his (Joshua's) head was propped up and out of the water. Out of the blue Joshua sits up! What?!?! Then he did it again! Then, even more amazingly, he did it out of the water! He was lying on our bed, I held his hands and he pulled himself into a sitting position! I'm so proud!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update #2

Here's some stuff I forgot about when I did the update yesterday.

He is about the same when it comes to eating. He did however eat most of a wagon wheel the other day and he loves to chew on pizza crust and even swallow a little bit.

We bought his first Halloween costume! He is going to be a chicken! We got it at Once Upon A Child. It was brand new, still had the tags on it and was $23 at Old Navy. We got it for $8!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been a slacking blogger lately. Joshua has been teething which means fussy & cranky so I don't have much time to myself. Last week and this week my mom has been up here for a visit and it's been nice. Joshua still really only wants me but it's been nice to have the company and she loves him even if he's not too keen on her because he doesn't really know her. We are looking for a place for her so she might be moving closer. There's not much for her where she lives now and we both would like her to be closer so she can see Joshua grow up more. There is a great place we have found downtown that offers transportation and is less than a mile from the senior center. It would be a much smaller apartment as she'd have to take a studio to begin with but she would be put on a waiting list for a 1 bedroom and hopefully would get that within a year. We both think that it would be worth it. There really aren't any other places that would work.

We missed Joshua's last swimming lesson because he was taking a nap when we would have gone. I'm very glad he liked swimming so much though and can't wait to do it again with him next spring or summer. Unfortunately the MyGym classes didn't work out as well. He didn't enjoy them so we cancelled. Maybe when he's older we'll try again. Right now doesn't seem the ideal time for it.

I am having a hard time believing his first birthday is in less than 3 months. I try to think back to when he was a newborn and have a hard time imagining him so small. All I can see is how big he is right now. I thought about it all last night and got so sad, I wanted to cry. They're just not little long enough. I am working on a slideshow for his birthday and everytime I watch it I get sad. I am trying to savor and cherish the time I have with him now since I know that before I know it he'll be so much bigger.

Now for some good news. He is sitting up much, much better. I don't think there will be any need for the Babynet service. He can sit for much longer periods of time than he could just a few weeks ago. He's not interested in pulling up, standing or cruising but I'm not as worried about those. He's also not crawling but that's ok too.

This Saturday we have a wedding to go to and we're taking my mom back home. I will try to post Friday afternoon or evening after we see the place we are going to look at for her. I have been enjoying her being here more than I think most of the other times. It's so nice to have someone to empathize with. She understands that my days aren't easy and that Joshua isn't an easy baby. That's part of the reason I miss him being a newborn, he was an easy baby then because he slept so much and was easy to entertain. It's ok, I know one day I will miss this stage so I need to enjoy it before he's a toddler!