Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been a slacking blogger lately. Joshua has been teething which means fussy & cranky so I don't have much time to myself. Last week and this week my mom has been up here for a visit and it's been nice. Joshua still really only wants me but it's been nice to have the company and she loves him even if he's not too keen on her because he doesn't really know her. We are looking for a place for her so she might be moving closer. There's not much for her where she lives now and we both would like her to be closer so she can see Joshua grow up more. There is a great place we have found downtown that offers transportation and is less than a mile from the senior center. It would be a much smaller apartment as she'd have to take a studio to begin with but she would be put on a waiting list for a 1 bedroom and hopefully would get that within a year. We both think that it would be worth it. There really aren't any other places that would work.

We missed Joshua's last swimming lesson because he was taking a nap when we would have gone. I'm very glad he liked swimming so much though and can't wait to do it again with him next spring or summer. Unfortunately the MyGym classes didn't work out as well. He didn't enjoy them so we cancelled. Maybe when he's older we'll try again. Right now doesn't seem the ideal time for it.

I am having a hard time believing his first birthday is in less than 3 months. I try to think back to when he was a newborn and have a hard time imagining him so small. All I can see is how big he is right now. I thought about it all last night and got so sad, I wanted to cry. They're just not little long enough. I am working on a slideshow for his birthday and everytime I watch it I get sad. I am trying to savor and cherish the time I have with him now since I know that before I know it he'll be so much bigger.

Now for some good news. He is sitting up much, much better. I don't think there will be any need for the Babynet service. He can sit for much longer periods of time than he could just a few weeks ago. He's not interested in pulling up, standing or cruising but I'm not as worried about those. He's also not crawling but that's ok too.

This Saturday we have a wedding to go to and we're taking my mom back home. I will try to post Friday afternoon or evening after we see the place we are going to look at for her. I have been enjoying her being here more than I think most of the other times. It's so nice to have someone to empathize with. She understands that my days aren't easy and that Joshua isn't an easy baby. That's part of the reason I miss him being a newborn, he was an easy baby then because he slept so much and was easy to entertain. It's ok, I know one day I will miss this stage so I need to enjoy it before he's a toddler!

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ashley said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your time with your mom. I hope all goes well with the wedding this weekend!