Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joshua's 9 Month Appt.

Here are his stats:

28in. long - 47th%
19lbs 8oz - 40th%
46cm. head circ - 76%

She said he is a little behind on the milestones, mostly sitting. He is at about the 7 month old level of sitting. She's not too concerned, just wants us to keep working with him. Mostly because I told her that I never crawled and was a late walker so he might just take after me. He does have the strength to sit and to stand/cruise and we should just work with him on it. If he is still behind at his 1 year visit then we may have the Babynet service come out to do an evaluation. She thinks the MyGym classes that he starts on Friday are a great idea and they should be able to help.

We can start giving him table food and stage 3. She was surprised when I told her that I bought a stage 3 sweet potato and wild salmon since the recommendation is to wait on fish until 1 year. I told her that he spits out everything we try to give him but she said it's just a new texture and that's ok, it will take him time to get used to it. We'll see what happens when he starts the stage 3. We'll also be starting him on meat now or at least trying.

She said to wait until 1yr to start whole milk and to just put it in a sippy cup, cold. It should be a totally different thing than breast milk. Also I think she wants to wean him from breastmilk to whole milk at that point. That's the first I've ever heard of that. She was surprised he's still nursing, according to her most breast fed babies self wean by this point. Ok, I've never heard that either. I'm not planning to wean him at 1 year, maybe at 2 but we'll see. For now it's his main source of nutrition, I don't know how different that will be at 1 year. I will try to get him to drink whole milk at 1 year but not as a substitute for breast milk.

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