Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Joshua's new car seat!

It arrived yesterday. It's the Britax Marathon and will last him until he's 65 pounds or 49 inches, which ever comes first. It actually makes him look little. Lately everything makes him look big, like his swing, chair & newborn car seat all make him look big. It was on sale which is why we bought it now, he can still comfortably sit in his original car seat but I couldn't pass up the great deal I got. It's MSRP is about $100 more than what I paid. They were running a sale and most seats were at least $40 off. I ordered it from http://www.travelingtikes.com/ and got free shipping! It's a bit big but it does fit in our small car which I was very relieved about. We did measure but I wanted to make sure it would fit.
These next few weeks are going to be very busy for us. Next Friday we are taking him to get his 6 month portraits taken. The following week I have my gyn annual appt and he has his 6 month appt. The following Sunday we are going on vacation for 6 days!! Joshua will see the beach and get in the pool for the first time. Oh and in July he will be taking swim lessons at the YMCA!

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