Saturday, May 23, 2009

Joshua's is 6 Months Old!

Today my baby is 6 months old! It's so very hard to believe. I have no idea where these 6 months have gone but I'd like them back. We had his portraits done yesterday at J.C. Penney and I am so pleased with the entire experience and how well the photos came out. We haven't gotten them back yet but I know they will look great, these came off their website.
His appointment isn't until Wednesday so you will have to wait until then to hear how big he is. I am thinking about trying oatmeal and/or bananas before we go. I know it's only a few more days but it will be easier to try on a weekend. Pretty sure we're not going back to rice cereal as I'm fairly certain that was the reason for his behavior issue, well that and teething. He has been much better lately so I'm fairly sure he doesn't have a cow's milk problem.
Today we are going to do a little mini party for him. We got him a toy, a birthday boy onesie and birthday hats. I'm also going to get a small cake. We'll do a bigger party next week when we're on vacation which he'll share with his dad and his aunt who have birthdays in June. Then we'll have a cake with all their names on it and a few more people to celebrate with. I am so excited about going on vacation! It will be Joshua's first time in the water which hopefully will prepare him for his swim lessons in July.

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