Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Last week Joshua was really fussy and Thursday was awful. He was screaming and crying for most of the day and it was very hard to calm him down. So we called our pediatrician's office. They wanted to rule out an ear infection but thought his symptoms very well could be teething. We brought him in and saw a resident from the hospital where Joshua was born who only comes into the office on Thursdays (our doctor wasn't in). He actually saw Joshua when he was in the NICU. Anyway, he asked us a bunch of questions and thought we should change his reflux medicine because it might not be working as effectively as before. He also wanted to check for a milk allergy (cow's milk, not momma's milk). We're pretty sure he was grasping for straws here as he doesn't know Joshua and didn't really know what to think.

Unfortunately the new reflux medicine (Prevacid) doesn't come in liquid (or so we're told). So we got dissoluble tablets. Ever tried giving one to a baby? Not easy. Even though they are strawberry flavored, Joshua wanted nothing to do with them. We tried letting them dissolve in his mouth and most of it came out. We tried a medicine syringe but most of it got stuck in the syringe. This is why we decided to give him rice cereal so we could mix the medicine in with it. He still didn't get very much. So he's either going back on the old medicine or he's not getting any until his 6 month appointment in 3 weeks.

Jamie brought in a diaper on Monday for them to test. There was a microscopic amount of blood in it. They said I should eliminate all dairy to see if that fixes the problem. Well, he hasn't been that fussy since Thursday. In fact, Monday he was a perfect angel and he's been pretty good yesterday & today too. Besides that we are pretty sure he's teething. He has all the classic signs: chewing & biting on his fingers, drooling like crazy and one spot on his gum is red. Also teething can make babies very fussy. So the only way we would know if the diary elimination had worked would be to have them test another diaper.

Jamie finally spoke to them today after playing phone tag Monday & Tuesday. I think he spoke with a nurse who said she didn't think the doctor knew we had just started him on rice cereal. I read that can cause trace amounts of blood as any new food can plus it is known to cause constipation which can definitely cause the blood. She agreed. She said to stop the rice cereal and also not give him any new foods until after his 6 month appointment in 3 weeks. We are to bring in another dirty diaper then for them to test. The best part of all is that she said I would not have to eliminate all dairy even if he has an allergy! So I don't have to totally give up chocolate! YAY!

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