Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joshua's 6 Month Update

Today was the dreaded appointment but he actually did very well after the shots. Before them it was like he knew they were coming because he started crying but we got him calmed down right before. He cried afterwards but as soon as he was in the car he was asleep. Slept while we went to Wendy's to get food and then until we picked him up out of the car seat. The only drawback of the new, bigger car seat is we can't take him into the house in it like his newborn seat. So if he's asleep it usually wakes him up to take him out, oh well.
So here are his stats:
16lbs 4oz - 29th% down from the 50% at 4 months. (I totally thought he was 17lbs, he sure feels heavy!)
26.25in - 55th% up from the 25th%
44.5cm head - 73rd% down from the 90th%
She thinks (as we do) that he had a reaction to the rice cereal so she wants us to lay off of it for a while. He just may not have been ready for it. We tried oatmeal on Saturday (his half birthday) and he has been doing pretty well with it. Today we tried sweet potato. She just said to go slow. Go through all the stage 1 before we go to stage 2 and no meat before 9 months. We will probably get through all the new, stage 1 foods in about a month to a month and a half so definately by 8 months we'll be on to stage 2.

She wants us to start giving him a sippy cup to hopefully wean him off the bottle by 1yr. Also wants him weaned off his paci by then but I think that will be tougher. I'm not going to worry about the paci issue right now though, I think we have enough to deal with. I told her that if it's not the paci then it's me and she said he may self wean but he may not so at least she understands that it's me or the paci and it can't always be me.

We talked to her about him sitting up as he's not doing it quite yet. She said that at this age it's ok. She got him to sit up for just a second which is what he should be doing. By 7-8 months he should be able to sit up which is when we'll be doing stage 2 foods.

On Saturday we had a little half birthday celebration for him. We got a cake (for us) and put him in a birthday boy onesie with a little happy birthday hat and took some pics.

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