Monday, July 6, 2009


This was a pretty big weekend for Joshua. We didn't do anything special to celebrate the 4th but it still turned out to be a great weekend. So far he hasn't been doing that well with solid food. Well on Friday he tried apple & blueberry for the first time and seemed to like it pretty well. Saturday he seemed to like it even more so I thought I would try to give him what was left in the container on Sunday since if he didn't eat it I would have to toss it anyway. There was more than half the container so at least 2oz and HE ATE IT ALL! I am so happy and proud!! Not only did he eat it, he gobbled it up and made very little mess. For the first time, it was a pleasure feeding him!

I have been working with him for the past couple of months on sitting up. Well today he sat up unassisted for a minute! He is definately grasping the concept! Lately he hadn't been sleeping through the night all that well but last night he slept 12 hours once again! I guess all that work learning to sit up and eat solid food is tiring. Hopefully, now that he has started mastering these new skills, he will go back to his regular sleeping pattern.

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