Thursday, October 22, 2009

11 Months

I'm not even going to get into how unbelievable it is that he's 11 months. I'll save it for my update next month.

Today he ate 2 baby mums and a few puffs after breakfast. He's still not crazy about the puffs which is weird to me because he loves all things apple and they are apple cinnamon but he makes a weird face most of the time and spits them out. He is eating more in each sitting though. About 10oz of baby food per day. He's also eating chunkier varieties more easily. The biggest thing I think is that he now loves yogurt! He will polish off 4oz in a sitting no problem and he will even eat the cereal & fruit puree type which I bought by accident he loves. I love that it's so good for him and he's getting some whole milk through it. He still won't drink out of a sippy cup too well. I tried apple juice on him for the first time and he wasn't crazy about it. I tried giving him breastmilk in a sippy and he seemed confused. We'll keep trying as we do with everything else.

I really think he will skip crawling all together and go straight to walking. He did get up on all fours in the bathtub tonight but I'm not counting on that to lead to crawling. We are now putting a few inches of water in the tub and letting him bathe in there alone, he seems to like it. He still won't walk for me though.

He can still wear some 6-9 month clothes but I'm buying 12 month size for winter clothes. I love Once Upon A Child, it's where I got his Halloween costume for 1/3 of the price and it was brand new with tags still on it. He's going to be a chicken, it's so cute. I still like dressing him in one pieces because then I don't spend all day pulling his shirt down. It's hard to find them in 12 month size so I grab all the ones I can find. I'm very glad his growing has slowed down. He's still in size 3 diapers too.

The invites for his birthday party have been sent out and I've bought just about everything for it, except the food. Since it's a Pooh theme I'm planning to do Piglets in Blankets which are hotdogs in crescent rolls and veggies and dip from Rabbit's Garden. Then we'll have his 3-D Pooh cake and cupcakes since I have cupcake holders that came with the birthday party kit. So he'll have a cupcake instead of a smash cake but it'll make plenty of mess anyway. I just need to make an appointment for his 1 year photos, I'm thinking of going with Portrait Innovations.

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