Sunday, November 1, 2009


We FINALLY have an eater on our hands! I know most people would say just wait until he's eating real foods well I was getting tired of waiting and I'm so glad he's finally eating! It seems like it's taken forever to happen and we've been trying things out on him for months but as with everything else it goes from not happening to happening overnight. This weekend he has had: pizza, pasta, cheese, pancake and peaches. Friday night we had chinese buffet and he had peaches and cheese. Saturday night we went to CiCi's and he had pizza and pasta. This morning we went to McD's for breakfast and he had pancake. He has eaten more this weekend than ever before. So today at the store I bought him pancakes, cheese and peaches. For lunch he had cheese, peaches, lil cheese crunchies and some freeze dried apples! What a big boy I have on my hands now! I couldn't possibly be any more proud!

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