Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day In My Life

So my life lately has been pretty hectic. Joshua is teething and it's driving both of us nuts. He is super clingly and fussy. Here's what my day was like today which is pretty typical of what days have been like recently. He woke up at 7 and I fed & changed him. He was back asleep by 8 and slept 'till 9. He then pretty much ate every 2 hours and afterwards fell asleep for 30 minutes. It wouldn't matter if he slept on my lap or somewhere else, after 30 minutes he wakes up. For one of his afternoon feeds I fed him in my bedroom and after he was asleep I laid him down on the bed next to me and after 30 minutes he woke up.

When he's not asleep or eating he wants to be in my lap. I can get away with putting him down either on the floor on his play mat, in his chair, swing or jumperoo for a few minutes. On the floor he will play for a while and then roll over. He then gets upset that he rolled over and starts to fuss. Sometimes he will roll himself back over (usually only to roll again) but most of the time he just lays on his tummy fussing until I roll him back over and if I don't he starts to cry. The swing or his chair will last for about 20 minutes until he gets bored. The jumperoo is usually shorter because he can't reach some of the toys without turning and doesn't know how to turn or jump although he loves it when I jump it for him.

At times he wants to eat in between too or snack but then he's fussy and I don't really know what else to do to make him happy. It's too hot outside to take him for a walk like I might have done earlier in the year and nothing else works. Half the time he pops on and off while fussing. I know his teeth are driving him crazy and I do give him teething tablets or tylenol if I think he needs it.

So I don't get much done. By the time Jamie comes home I am drained. Today he didn't get home until 6 and I had no patience left. I think another part of Joshua's problem is he hasn't mastered sitting up yet, I've heard that once he can sit up he'll be happier, who knows. I am still working with him on it but even when he does sit up supporting himself with his hands on the floor it's only for a few seconds. Hopefully he'll get it soon.

He's also not crazy about solid food. Today he wanted very little to do with it. I tried to feed him peaches this morning but he wasn't interested. This afernoon I tried bananas for the first time and he wasn't having them either. I'm trying not to worry about it since I know he doesn't really need it. Maybe once he can have finger foods he'll do better with it. So that's been my life lately. I hope those teeth come in soon, I can only see the very tips of them but they're there.

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