Monday, June 29, 2009

Beach Weekend

Someone said that I'm going to turn Joshua into a beach bum, that would be fine with me! I'd love for him to love the beach and the ocean. Nothing says summer to me like the beach. Actually he's only been on the beach a total of 3 times and none of them was longer than 30 minutes.

Friday we spent with my mom and Joshua was so good! We went to see his honorary great grandmother Bernice who is in her 90's. I have to get a picture of him with her, he really likes her and her puppy Mikey a Shih Tzu. We spent the rest of the time just hanging out, we would have gone swimming except that I left my swimsuit at home! I remembered when we got about 30 minutes away from the house that I hadn't taken it off the hanger and put it in the suitcase. It was too late. So on Saturday I had to buy one, full price. Oh well, now I will wear the heck out of it. We went to dinner at a local pizza place near my mom and Joshua was charming the waitresses. Everyone LOVES his sunglasses! All weekend long I kept getting comments about my cool dude.

Saturday we met some friends and their kids, we had lunch at Margaritaville at Broadway at the Beach. If you've never been to one you should go, they are all over the southeast. There's also a Cheeseburger in Paradise in North Myrtle Beach, it's a little more toned down if you don't like a big restaurant. We may check that one out next time. I just wished Joshua liked going out to eat more, I guess I have to catch him at the right time. Friday night he slept through most of dinner but Saturday only part of lunch and at dinner he was so tired because we wore him out that day. One day a couple of weeks ago we went out to dinner and he slept through some if it and when he woke up he was in a great mood. He started laughing and laughed back and forth with me, something he'd never done before!

Saturday afternoon our friends and their kids came over to our resort and went swimming with us at the pool. We all had a great time. I think Joshua has fallen in love, with an older woman. A 4 year old girl with blonde hair. He couldn't stop staring at her and smiling. It was so cute! I wish I'd gotten pictures but some were taken just not with my camera. I didn't get any when we went out on the beach after they left either, unfortunately. From now on the camera is staying in the beach/pool bag.

We took Joshua out to the beach and we all got in the water. We went out past the breakers, the water was pretty calm so we didn't have to go far. Just where the waves start to form but before they get big and crash. I put him on the canvas float we had and he was having a good time until the waves started crashing where we were. He got water in his face and was not happy, he hates that. Hopefully he'll get over it soon since I think he'll be going under water at swimming lessons. So after two waves breaking and him getting splashed in the face we decided to go back. I had the raft out in front of me when a wave broke and took me straight into shore! It was so much fun! We weren't far out but we were far enough out that I rode that wave a good way!

He was so tired that night from the swimming and the ocean that he fell asleep in his clothes and slept 8 hours that way before waking up and needing to be changed. The next day he slept the whole way from the beach to Jamie's mom's and then fell asleep on my lap, something he never does unless he falls asleep nursing. Then he slept all the way home and again fell asleep in without being nursed. Guess we wore him out.

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