Monday, April 6, 2009

Makes My Monday

So I'm reading a lot of other blogs and came across the themes for the day of the week and I'm going to try to do them. Monday is Makes My Monday. Wednesday is Way Back Whensday. Thursday is Thanksgiving Thursday. Friday is Finished for Friday. Sunday is Super Sunday. If anyone knows of a Tuesday or Saturday theme let me know.

I guess that makes today Makes My Monday. This one just makes my week. This weekend is Easter and next week my mom will be here with us for the whole week! I am really looking forward to her spending some time with Joshua. She hasn't really gotten to do that much since we live so far away. The best part of all is Joshua's naming next Saturday and Nicole is going to be there! She may even be spending the night Friday night. I am so excited about next weekend but I'm not ready for it to be here yet because then it will be over. Some more Makes My Monday is all the packages that will be coming in this week! Joshua's high chair is the most exciting! I love getting packages!! For more Makes My Monday check out

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