Saturday, April 4, 2009


Do you like his new shades? They are just his size, shatterproof lenses, block UVA & UVB, have an adjustable neoprene band and came with a plastic case. They should last at least a year.

We found out we're getting a tax refund, yay! Here's what we've bought so far: Joshua's outfit for his naming, A Hatful of Seuss (book), high chair, additional pacifiers (same as the one he got from the hospital), plastic bibs & spoons for when he starts eating baby food, crest spinbrush (for me), new razor (for Jamie) & a high chair toy. I think Joshua is getting more out of our refund than we are. Here's the link to the outfit I bought, it is much cuter in person than in the picture Here's the link to the high chair we bought

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