Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Joshua's 1st Day of Preschool!

I am so pleased to say that Joshua's first day went great! He woke up at 6 but thankfully was back asleep by 6:30 and slept 'till 7:30. We got him dressed and gave him a snack before we left. I got a few pictures but they got some too; I'll scan and upload those when I get them. They said he had a few fussy times but they were short lived. He explored and got into things, had a snack and did circle time. They were feeding him graham crackers and cheerios but were giving another child applesauce and when Joshua saw someone else was having something he wasn't he made it clear that he wanted applesauce too! So he ate very well for him. He must have gotten tired because he took a nap in a little swing/hammock they have for about 40 minutes and was just waking up when I got there. I didn't think he would make it the whole time without getting tired. I'm so happy that he didn't spend the entire time crying, that makes me feel so good. They said he had a great first day! They gave me a cd with all the songs they sing at circle time and a printout of the lyrics. Also there is going to be an article in the newspaper and he might be in it! I hope to get a copy of it and share it on here.

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Tanya said...

So glad to hear his first day went so good, can't wait to see pics :)