Friday, February 26, 2010

15 Months (2)

I always forget at least one thing. He did very well with his shots today; he got 3 and as usual by the time we were leaving the office he had forgotten all about it. The Pedi said that Joshua doesn't exhibit enough signs of autism for us to be concerned. He isn't speaking but he is very social (a flirt when he wants to be) and didn't object much to her examining him (he usually doesn't). Also she was very encouraged by the fact that he loves to eat and all kinds of food; children with autism sometimes have issues with textures and Joshua doesn't. She said the people at developmental peds will be encouraged by it too.

Something else I forgot, he has pretty much given up the pacifier in favor of his thumb. It started a few weeks ago when I didn't give him the paci fast enough he would use his thumb and we just gradually stopped offering the paci so now he uses his thumb. It's a lot more convenient and the pedi has said before that she'd rather he used it.

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