Friday, February 26, 2010

15 Months!

Joshua now only has to be in his stander for 20 minutes per day. He got a walker, a brand new one from the PT./K509.html"> He should be in it for a few minutes at a time and just walk a few steps. The PT really thinks it is a reachable goal for him to be walking a few steps by himself by Easter. She was very happy to hear he’s going to Epworth preschool next week. She knew about it but didn’t know it was still open, I guess she hadn’t been there in a long time.

He had his 15 month well visit today. He’s 23lbs (25th%), 30in. (20th%) and his head circ. Is 48cm (70th%). The Pedi was very pleased that he has an appt. next month at developmental peds, we are all surprised the wait was so short. She said the appt. is usually quite long, it’s a play based evaluation; they want to see what he can do. Overall she was happy that he’s improving, she’d never heard of Epworth preschool but is excited about it for us.

I can’t believe he’s starting preschool on Tuesday, that my Mom is moving to Columbia next weekend and she will be 1 mile from the preschool! It really does feel like it was all meant to be, it fell into place so easily. Thank you, G-d!

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