Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Greenville Developmental Pediatrics

Today was our appointment with the N.P. in Greenville. We really liked her, she made us feel comfortable and complimented us saying we were on the right track and gave me an A+ for all my hard work! It made me feel so good and was something I really needed to hear. She said she wished more parents were as dedicated and doing as much as we were already doing. She couldn't give us a diagnosis, she doesn't know what is causing Joshua's delays. She does not think he is a "sensory kid" like his P.T. says. She said that kids with sensory issues or disorders usually have sleeping problems and eating problems which Joshua definitely does not have, either one. She was very encouraged by his good eating and sleeping. So moving forward we are doing more tests/evaluations: genetics test (they draw blood and do a complete family history), hearing test, occupation therapy evaluation and speech therapy evaluation. He will probably be in both OT & ST so his days will be very busy. We are supposed to go back in May.

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