Saturday, March 14, 2009

Joshua's Name

So I think I need to clairfy. Any of the names I would have chosen would have been for a family member. James was Jamie's dad, Jane was my grandmother, Elias was my grandfather and Mildred was my grandmother. So I've decided on Eliya for Elias and in a way also for me. His hebrew name will be Yehoshua Eliya.

I am going to call the Rabbi on Monday and let him know we've made a decision and that we'd like to do the naming on April 18th. We have multiple family members who would like to come and Joshua is much better in the morning so I hope we can do it at the Saturday morning service as opposed to the Friday night service. Friday night service isn't until 7:30 and when we were there it didn't get over with until 9 and then we have the Oneg so it would be very late for people who would be driving back that night. The Saturday morning service is at 10am.

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