Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Questions Than Answers

So we went back to Greenville Developmental Pediatrics today. We met Dr. Shulkin, didn't see the nurse we met with last time but she was in another room observing (you know the one way mirror glass, we saw ourselves in it but she could see us). He told us that he put Joshua at 10-11 month old level but that in communication he was further behind than that, that was his primary concern. He didn't agree with the sensory issues at all that the PT and head teacher at Epworth have discussed with us. They never gave it a name but I looked up and found Sensory Integration Disorder/Sensory Processing Disorder. I printed out a checklist for infants & toddlers and brought it with me. I don't think he'll even look at it, he basically disregarded sensory issues saying that they are part of a broader problem or issue, such as child who was anxious might have sensory issues. He did bring up the Autism Spectrum, saying that it was too early for Joshua to have any sort of diagnosis but if he wasn't making progress (primarily in communication, he doesn't seem concerned or maybe as concerned with gross motor - walking) then we would re-evaluate. We go back July 28th, I wanted an appointment after we saw the geneticist on July 19th. We called back because he said if we thought of anything between now and then we could talk on the phone and of course driving home I had a ton of questions. Mainly about the sensory issues, I'm so confused now. The PT and head teacher at Epworth are sure he has sensory issues, no one has mentioned anything regarding an Autism Spectrum disorder. In fact Joshua's primary pediatrician has specifically said he's not Autistic. He has very good eye contact, something the speech therapist mentions every time she sees him. Also something I told the doctor. We brought Joshua's new braces and shoes, showed them to him and told him about them and he said nothing. He said even if Joshua was walking there would be issues whereas the PT has said that something would click in his brain (some part of his brain that hasn't been turned on yet?) then everything would fall into place. I told this to the doctor and he didn't say anything. I'm not sure if the doctor doesn't believe in sensory issues or what but we will be asking him when we speak to him. The OT had said she could add sensory therapy but I think the doctor wouldn't say to do that.

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