Thursday, January 22, 2009

Joshua is 2 months old!

Joshua is 10lbs 12 oz (50th percentile) 22.5 inches (75th percentile) and his head is in the 95th percentile! My smart, long & lean baby! The dr said he might have Jamie's physique (he used to be long & lean, lol!) It's funny because he has a little butt & waist but a big belly especially after he's eaten, it's so cute! He is still wearing newborn diapers but she said that was okay, he's rowing great. I figured he's gained .85 oz per day or 6 oz per week which is within the normal range of 4-8 oz per week.

We were concerned about a whole bunch of issues but she told us he is fine. He's not teething, the reason he has so much drool is because his salivary glands have just started working. He shouldn’t start teething until he’s 5-10 months. He doesn't have thrush, it's normal for him to have some milk on his tongue. His eyes are good, Jamie was worried because they didn't seem to dilate very often but she was able to make them dilate. He can’t follow an object too close to his face, but he can see you walk across the room if you are a few feet away from him. Much more than that is still pretty blurry to him.

We were also worried about him snoring and being congested but she said his nasal passages are still very small so it’s normal. Just to continue to use saline drops and suction. He has a little acne but that’s also normal and should start to reduce soon. It’s also normal for him to sleep a lot during the day, he still sleeps at least half the day. If he sleeps more it probably means he’s growing.

His eating habits are also normal. He goes 2-3 hours during the day between feedings. At night he sometimes wants to eat more, cluster feeding. Breastmilk is so digestible that it’s normal for him to want to eat more often and at night he is trying to get as much as he can before going to bed. Since he normally sleeps at least a 5 hour stretch he wants his tummy to be full. Also if he gets over stimulated he will want to comfort nurse which has happened a few times when we’ve been away from home.

She did tell us not to let him watch tv because it moves too fast and his brain can't process it. She said the baby einstein videos were fine because they don't move too fast but regular tv does. She said no more than 1 hour per day. I don’t think we’ll even watch that much, we’ve only watched 1 of the videos so far. Oh and I’ve signed us up for Mother Goose Storytime at the library. It’s just for babies up to 12 months old and we start next month. The current session was full but the person I spoke with said she would leave a message for the person who runs it to see if they could add me to the current session. If not then we will start on 2/23 when he is 3 months old.

He is cooing and it is absolutely adorable! He's also smiling and has started trying to put his fingers in his mouth. The latter the dr said wasn't something he should be able to do yet. She also said he can't hold objects yet, that won't be until he's 4 months

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