Saturday, April 27, 2013

Joshua's Music Therapy Recital and other things

Click here for the video of his Music Therapy Recital.

That was this morning. It's a good thing he was first because it was too loud in there and he didn't want to sit for any other performances. Oh well. He did a good job. Of course he normally says go and stop during therapy (I sit in the waiting room but I can hear him) so you'll just have to imagine it.

In other news we are all finished with his assessments for the school district. He did an OT, PT, speech, & psychological assessment and we filled out many questionnaires and and answered lots of questions. They will be doing one more observation at his preschool and then will be finished completely. The psychologist does not want to label him with autism so he will be labeled other health impaired. I'm ok with it for now, if it becomes an issue later on then we will deal with it. He would be placed in an autism preschool classroom likely all day all week. It would definitely be a change. He would have a teacher and two aides with 8-9 children. They use similar teaching to ABA so it would be familiar to him as well as things he is already familiar with like circle time. We would be looking to start in August and he would graduate from his current preschool in July. We're still deciding, next we will see the classroom he would be in. He is also starting ABA therapy soon. We've met the lead therapist and one of the line therapists and will be meeting the coordinator next week.

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