Friday, January 20, 2012

iPad and other news

I wrote this post a few days ago and then forgot all about it. Oh well, here it is.

Joshua is playing more with the iPad with some apps that I picked out for him. We took some videos of him playing last night with 2 apps; Baby Games - My First Shapes and Match It Up. They are all 4 of the Joshua on the iPad videos. You can see him actually learning with the Match It Up game, he gets the shapes right sometimes and this is just from playing it. Yes, I have to help him but he is learning to match the pictures and how to drag the matching picture to the one in the middle. He is also learning with the shapes game, he doesn't always get it right but he knows that if he gets it wrong to choose the other picture. We also keep playing, these and other games, repetition helps him learn.

Joshua is learning to clap and to imitate clapping and other things. Some shows he watches the characters will clap, mostly in certain Wiggles songs and on Play With Me Sesame. I have just recorded one episode of Sesame where the characters ask you to clap with them. Joshua has done this independently before. Of course when I got out the video camera to record him doing it he wouldn't do it. He is also imitating motions during circle time at school. Most of the songs they do during circle time involve motions, including sign language. Joshua is starting to imitate the hand motions in the songs.

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