Sunday, October 30, 2011


I acknowledge that I am a bad blogger. I really prefer to read other blogs but I just started following a new blog and the author acknowledged me being a new follower of hers by saying that Joshua was gorgeous! I told her thank you more than once and decided that it was time to update with some new photos of my gorgeous son!!

Today we went to have photos taken since his going to be 3 next month! How the heck did that happen? So now that he's walking he just did that, walked everywhere, sometimes tried to run away from us and from the photographer especially. We hope she got some good ones, she did a good job he was just uncooperative. Had she had a video camera it would have been fine. :)

Not much news, his birthday party is in less than 2 weeks! We did decide to keep him at his current preschool because we love it so much. So for the rest of the school year that's where he will be. He is doing really well, not much new since my last post but he has been healthy. I realized again how lucky we are that he is so healthy, he has not had an ear infection or really any other kind of infection (that we know of) since his last birthday! Without further ado here are some photos from the last year.

These are totally out of order but I don't know how to fix it so I am not going to mess with it. The two beach photos are from May/June of this year, he loved the ocean this year and even put up with walking on the sand. The playground photos are from January/February of this year. The other photo is from our most recent vacation this month to Gatlinburg and was taken at the aquarium in the play area where we showed him how to pull the handle to see the light and then all he wanted to do was pull the handle.

If you are interested in seeing more I post all my photos to Facebook so look me up there.

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