Friday, July 22, 2011

Update #2

Even though it was so long I still forgot some things to include in the update. Joshua is using a bigger boy sippy cup! For the longest time he was stuck on a semi-soft Tommee Tippee cup. I bought some other cups to try with him and he wasn't interested in any of them. He did like a cup that had a silicone spout but he bit a hole in it and then it leaked all over the place. A few weeks ago I tried a hard spout sippy cup that I had bought a few months ago again. It had Elmo on it and finally he decided it was ok! We have now switched him over exclusively to these cups! I am hoping eventually he'll take most types of hard spouts but for now I am thrilled he's happy with this cup. I have gotten rid of most of the others and am even going to be able to sell a brand new set that is still in it's packaging. He is also learning to take bites. Normally he would shove an entire whatever into his mouth but now if it's something too big he will take bites of it.

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