Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joshua's 2nd Birthday Party

I am going to try to write this without crying. I feel like yesterday was a culmination of the whole year and I try very hard to remember the good about it but it's hard. I had been waiting and planning this party for months and we had family and friends drive from as far as Raleigh to attend. On Friday Joshua was fine, perfect, himself. That night he didn't sleep very well, I was concerned already but hoping it was nothing. He woke up at 1 and 3 and then was up at 5 for the day. He was cranky and wouldn't eat breakfast, major uh-oh. He always eats breakfast, he loves to eat period so anytime he doesn't want to eat sends up a red flag for me. He got warm, had a borderline fever and was even crankier but we had people coming for his party at 11am, what could I do? We didn't do anything and let him nap from 10-11. He woke up and ate some lunch but was crankier than ever. He ate a piece of pizza. We all ate lunch and then walked up to the park and he was ok in the stroller and then at the park. We came back and tried to open presents but he wasn't having it. I tried to put him down for his nap but he wouldn't go so we drove around with him and he fell asleep in the car. That lasted a half an hour and then he was up crying. So we sent the guests home (it was about time for them to leave anyway) and took Joshua to urgent care. The mistake I made was taking my niece and mother with me and letting Jamie stay home, very bad idea that I regret now. We were at urgent care for 2 hours! The whole time Joshua was miserable from being tired and not feeling well. We sang to him and even got the channel changed on the tv to Nick Jr., that helped for a little but didn't last long. By the time we saw the dr she said his ears were red and he had a double ear infection, big surprise. He had no other symptoms other than being cranky and having a fever. We went home and before I could even pick up the medicine from the pharmacy he was asleep. He slept until 8 when he woke up we gave him his medicine, a bath and put him back to bed. He slept better that night although he was up once but when he woke up this morning we gave him his medicine, he at breakfast and has been fine all day. Why? Why me? Why us? Why him? When my niece left I finally broke down in tears that I had been holding in most of the day. It's not fair. I was so looking forward to this day for so long. Why couldn't it happen Friday or today? Why did it have to be the day of his party? He will have a small celebration at preschool on Tuesday, hopefully I can get some pics of that. I really don't know what to do, I have to try to get over it and try to remember the good about yesterday but it's hard.


BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Joshua being sick on his special day! But I'm sooo glad he's doing so much better so quickly.

I remember when my son was little, he would so easily get sick, and when he got sick it wasn't like other kids, where they just keep going. He would get really sick. It created so much stress.

I think you should pick another day when Joshua is 100 per cent and just do something really special as a family to celebrate yourselves!! You deserve it!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Louise. I am grateful he is feeling better but I'm having a hard time getting over the disappointment of yesterday. Thankfully my niece has been wonderful about it, she is a ray of sunshine, so bright and positive all the time! She was happy to have come despite the circumstances and she did get to see Joshua on Friday when he was feeling fine.

How did you know what I was thinking? I think we will go to the zoo next weekend to celebrate his birthday and he is having a little party at preschool on Tuesday, his actual birthday.