Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Neurology Appt.!

This morning was our first visit with the pediatric neurologist. He was very positive about Joshua!! He said a lot of what I had already heard from the genetic counselor, that we can't predict what Joshua's future will be, it is a variable condition but that Joshua was doing really well!! He said it was great that he was social and makes eye contact, he said it multiple times so it must be very good!! He has some patients with Joshua's condition and he is doing much better than they are. He said it's thought that sometimes we have protective genes so even though he has this condition he may have other genes which are protecting him or something like that. He did mention quite a lot that there is possibility for seizure but even if he has one it's highly unlikely that they would cause brain damage. He also told us about the possibility of regression with his disorder so we would be aware. He gave us the option of coming back in or not and we decided we would call if we had questions but for now we will only come in as needed. He said we should keep up the good work with all the therapy, that we were doing a great job! He said we could do an MRI but he didn't see the need unless he was having seizures or regression. Overall very pleased with the appt. and the neurologist! He said that the geneticist did all the work so now we have an answer and for now there's no cure or treatment except for what we're already doing. He also said that his sensory issues probably stem from his condition.

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